While OC starter home costs $587,100, Mission Viejo approves a $395,000 toilet

The Orange County Register recently reported that the average cost for a starter home in Orange County is $587,100.

As several recent posts dealt with Santa Ana and the First District BOS race let me share some current news from the city where I reside, Mission Viejo.

Approved at the March 19th Mission Viejo city council meeting was Agenda item #19 which reads in part: “Recommended Action:(1) Award the contract to Green Giant Landscape, Inc for the construction of the Melinda Park Restroom in the amount not to exceed $375,220”. Note: I believe this is a pre-fab unit.
Note: This is in addition to the design costs related to the work performed by RJM Design Group.

At the council meeting Mayor Reavis requested that this decision be held off until the next Budget Meeting. Councilman MacLean made the Motion to approve which was seconded by Councilmember Kelley. The vote was 4-1 to move forward with Reavis voting no.

What is sad is that we built a major restroom at Florence Joyner Park several years ago at a cost that was one third of the current bid. We have known of the need for this restroom for a number of years but only take action now at an outrageous cost.

A former mayor in our city once said “the purpose of having money (in the bank) is to spend it.” However two thoughts come to mind. This need has been known for some time. Why did we wait years to propose and than approve this toilet as the need is valid. And second, is a member of our staff looking to win another “award” as we did for our million dollar plus Lake Mission Viejo sidewalk known as the “Lake Promenade.”

Question for contractors. Were you aware of this RFP?

If so did you submit a bid for the project?

Should I simply chalk this up to inflation and pick another issue to address?

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