SAUSD resorts to giving away cars to increase attendance

The Trustees at the Santa Ana Unified School District are at it again. This time they are giving away a car to a student with perfect attendance, according to the O.C. Register.

The Queen of Condescension, Audrey Yamagata-Noji, had this to say about the car deal, “It’s a novel idea. Some parents already pay their kids for good grades. We are offering this incentive.”

So doing well in school in order to succeed in life is not reason enough to attend school?

As usual, this move has to do with money. The Register reported that, “Santa Ana Unified, facing a $17 million budget deficit, hopes the giveaway will save the district money by curbing absenteeism. Every day a student misses school costs the district about $25 to $40.”

The Register also stated that, “Two years ago, the district offered a new television for perfect attendance. Back then, some parents welcomed the contest, while others said it was patronizing or even insulting. Critics said the district made it appear as if parents would only be interested in their children’s education for a prize.”

That still holds true today! The real irony of all this is that many of the families with children in the SAUSD system are headed by immigrants who cannot get a driver’s license in California. If they win a car, just what exactly will they do with it?

What a sad joke. How about involving parents by making our kids grades available online – in real time so we can know from one day to the next how they are doing? This is being done already at other schools in Orange County. Of course the last thing you will ever get from the SAUSD is innovation, empowerment and increased communication with parents. But you might get a new car…

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