Janet wins by 7 votes!

Well, the dust has cleared. Janet Nguyen has won the 1st Supervisorial District recount, by 7 votes, according to the O.C. Register. Predictably, Mike “Darth” Schroeder threw a hissy fit and threatened a lawsuit. Go suck a lemon Mikey! You and Trung are toast!

I hope that the Supervisors will swear Janet in tomorrow. The 1st District needs its new Supervisor now, not later. I also hope that Janet follows through on the 40 cases of voter fraud allegedly committed by Trung and the Trannies. These guys need to be locked up!

Don’t expect the Trannies to ever accept Janet as their Supervisor. They won’t. I don’t know why they hate her so much. She is a bright and caring person and I am sure she will be a fine Supervisor. I suspect the Trannies just don’t like her independence. Oh well, they need to get over themselves.

I am so tired of Schroeder too. He has run roughshod over our county for far too long. If the OC GOP allows him to serve on any committees this year it will be a travesty. They need to cut ties with this guy.

Chris Norby and John Moorlach need to reach out to Janet and stop their Cold War against her. She is now their best hope to get things done on the Board of Supervisors. Clearly she is more conservative than either Pat Bates or Bill Campbell. And she is definitely brighter and more principled than Carlos Bustamante will EVER be.

Congratulations to Janet! It will be interesting to note whom she hires going forward. I expect she will put together an experienced and diverse team drawn from her many years in local politics. I am also fairly sure she won’t be hiring Mark Leyes – thank God for that! The 1st District needs new blood, not tired retreads.

I also expect that Janet will take steps to reach out to Latinos and to Santa Ana residents. I am still mad at her consultant, Dave Gilliard, for the racist measures utilized during the campaign. Janet now represents the entire 1st District – and she will have to get past the missteps and get into the community. I am confident she will.

It’s great to see two women on the Board of Supervisors. They both had to struggle to get there, but Bates and Nguyen will likely prove to be leaders on the Board – and perhaps they will be able to soften Norby and Moorlach a bit when it comes to negotiating with the county employees. It’s time to negotiate in good faith and get things done!


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