Blackwater USA…the "other" US military in Iraq

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Blackwater USA”..the “other U S military” in Iraq
Wednesday, February 07, 2007 by Larry Gilbert

Having previously commented on this Halliburton sub-contacted army I just noticed the following Feb 7 th article which I will edit for discussion.
Background. Four former members of the US military, later employed by Blackwater USA, were ambushed while escorting a convoy through Fallujah in March of 2004. We all saw footage of their mutilated bodies hanging from a bridge. Their families have addressed Congress and are attempting to get facts related to the circumstances of their deaths for a pending lawsuit.
Today’s A/P story about Blackwater USA states that “this ongoing episode demonstrates the Pentagon’s complete failure to safeguard taxpayer dollars,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-MD., one of the lawmakers who had asked about the Blackwater contract and received denials.”
In President Bush’s latest budget proposal he is requesting $600 billion dollars for the Pentagon. My guess is that the Blackwater military support contract is buried in these expenditures.

Juice readers. What’s your thoughts about having thousands of former US military employed by Blackwater and Blackwater’s liability with respect to providing for their safety in a combat zone?
Where should the Pentagon draw the line with regard to responding to every request to see the trail of contracts with their subcontractors? Is this a need to know issue? Who calls the shots?

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