And the winner is: Press Release due by 5 PM

As I was multitasking between a conference–trade show and the recount of votes in the First District race this morning I stopped at the Registrar’s office in Santa Ana where I saw Registrar Neal Kelley along with Kay Cotton, Candidate and Voter Services Manager. In addition, monitoring this ongoing re-count, were political strategists Jimmy Camp, Mark Leyes, Adam Probolsky, Steve Spernak, Bryan Lanza along with attorney’s Philip Greer and Eric Norby. As I left before 11 AM I do not have any current status on this effort.

Enclosed above is a photo that I took of Registrar Kelley and another as they commenced their review. Right to left are Kay Cotton and Neal Kelley.

Iam told that the Registrar’s office will provide a Press Release before 5 PM today.
As I need to head back to Disney, that’s the extent of this report.

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