New pair of shoes for Osama Bin Laden

Today’s Sac Bee includes a story by Bridget Carey covering the use of Global Positioning System technology in the shoe industry which represents the next step in big brother knowing where we are at all times. It made me think of our elusive Osama Bin Laden. Perhaps we can drop a few pair of GPS shoes in the White Mountains of Afghanistan to keep his feet warm and cozzy while our Special Op’s teams hunt him down.

The article states that GPS technology is already in use and growing fast. In case you are not aware of it our cell phones contain GPS technology to connect with 911 tracking service.
The challenge was to invent a two inch by three inch computer that will be inbedded in the bottom of the Quantum Satellite Technology shoes.

What’s your thoughts of adding another method for big brother to know where we are at all times?
Perhaps you call in sick only to track you down surfing at Tressels!

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