Government contracting.. "Outsourcing" military "soldiers of fortune"

Yesterday’s LA Times had an interesting article entitled “Bush’s rent-an-army.” Jeremy Scahill peels back the onion on Blackwater USA to show the extent of a private “professional military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping and stability operations firm who provides turnkey solutions.” Source Bill Sizemore, Virginian-Pilot news. Blackwater operates a 6,000 acre training facility for their “soldiers of fortune” in Moyock, NC.

In the Times story it claims that there are 48,000 private soldiers now in Iraq.
You should recall the story and photosof four private contractors who were killed with their bodies hung on a bridge back in 2004. They were employed by Blackwater.

After the first Gulf War Defense Secretary Dick Cheney retained the services of a subsidiary of Halliburton to study the use of a private military army in support of American soldiers in combat zones. In other words, “outsourcing.”

“The Geneva Convention expressly bans the use of mercenaries–individual soldiers of fortune who fight solely for personal gain.”

My question for Juice readers. How do you feel about the use of a private military that operates without any US government agency oversight?

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