What do Politicians do at Christmas?

“Joy to the world….all the boys and girls….joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea….joy for you and me!”….so said the Three Dog Night. Does that date us – 1971? Nah….how about “Old Fashioned Love Song”? Or “Never Been to Spain?” Those were all Three
Dog Night hits in 1971. So here we are some 35 years plus later …..thinking about what a “good politician” might be doing on Christmas. In those days….everyone knew that “all the politicians” were awful. What has happened since then?

In 1971, we were in the middle of a long war in Vietnam. The Watergate debacle was about to change what we knew about elected officials forever. Hey, the Democrats were in charge
of the Senate and the House. Barbra Striesand was protesting quietly our involvement in the Vietnam conflict. Hey, does any of this sound familiar? Maybe that’s why they just came out with a movie called: “Deja Vu”.

Today, communities are not allowed to exhibit memories of Christ. They are not allowed to place banners on entries to their cities that say: “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”, City Parks and Public Buildings are not allowed to exhibit images of the Ten Commandments, offer any reference to a Judeo-Christian heritage, most retail sales stores are forbidden from mentioning Christ or Christmas and now even some home owner associations are forbidding residents from displaying a Traditional Christmas Wreath, or images of Santa Claus. Forget about Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts mentioning that their Troop leaders are “Gay”. Those days are long gone!

So what are the people we elected to serve us doing during Christmas? No doubt they are hiding out…downing a few toddies at the local high dollar bar and grill. They are probably meeting in Private Clubs……smoking cigars and drinking pricey cognac.
They are probably complaining that by the 14th of January…they will have to go back to work making life changing decisions for “their” dumb proletariat. So, what do you think? Should we send them a Christmas card?

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