Moorlach says "nobody’s untouchable"

Kudos to new OC Supervisor John Moorlach – he was brutally attacked by the OC deputy sheriff’s union during his campaign against raving nut Dave Shawver, and now he is taking on the crooked union thugs. According to an OC Register article, he is demanding a full audit of their “multimillion-dollar health-insurance fund administered by union leaders with public tax dollars. And he wants the sheriff’s deputies to accept the same trims on retiree medical benefits imposed on general employees this year.”

Check out this quote from the union boss, “The guy is firing rounds at us,” said Bob Macleod, general manager of the deputies union. “He’s using the power of his elective office to retaliate against individuals that did not support him.” No Macleod – he is going after you guys because you are driving our county government into another bankruptcy.

Well done Supervisor Moorlach! Let’s see if your fellow Supervisors stand up to these raving, selfish labor hacks as well. Watch how quickly Bill Campbell capitulates!

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