We say goodbye to Tim Whitacre

As our readers have no doubt noticed, my relationship with my fellow blogger, Tim Whitacre, has gone south of late. I have no problem disagreeing with my fellow bloggers – but things have gotten personal between Whitacre and myself, and as such I decided today to remove him from our blog team.

This was not an easy decision to make. I supported Whitacre during the Hunt versus Carona campaign – and with his attempt to launch a county ethics committee. Our relationship goes back some ten years, when I asked him to serve as my alternate on the OC GOP Central Committee. This year he returned the favor by talking me into running for the Central Committee again – and I won. But things soured in the last few weeks.

I grew impatient with Whitacre because he has not been posting much. He has a good excuse for that in recent weeks, but it is personal and I cannot relate it. However, I searched our database and found only seven posts in total by our resident Marine.

Working on a blog is a labor of love. But as we move forward to the election and beyond, I am hoping to continue to refine our team so that we will have more active bloggers, from all over the county. It should be noted that Thomas Gordon has promised to post more – but we will have to wait and see if he becomes Santa Ana’s next Mayor. I hope he does, but even if he doesn’t it has been my honor to work with him.

One thing I will promise our readers is that we won’t be adding any more Santa Ana based bloggers! We truly want to expand our coverage. We are talking currently to potential bloggers in west and south Orange County. If any of our readers are interested please email me.

I wish things had worked out with Whitacre – I had high hopes for him when I asked him to join our blog team. Life will go on however, as will the Orange Juice. As always I thank our readers for their support and our team of bloggers for their contributions. I also wish Whitacre well with his future endeavors. Perhaps he might join our other Marine ex-blogger, Quang Pham, at Red County/OC Blog? C’mon Jubal – give him a chance!

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