Vietnamese vote paid off for Daucher in the 34th

The Times OC edition has an interesting article today about the OC GOP’s courting of the Vietnamese vote in the 34th State Senate District. Here it is for your perusal:


GOP courted Little Saigon

Strategists thought the Vietnamese vote could win Daucher the 34th Senate District seat.
The race is still undecided, but she has a slim lead.

By Mai Tran
Times Staff Writer

November 12, 2006

If Lynn Daucher clings to her narrow lead and wins back a state Senate seat for the Republican Party, the Orange County woman may owe it to a group of Vietnamese American leaders and consultants.

The group, known in inner circles as “Team Tran” because of its association with Assemblyman Van Tran, wrote letters to voters and engaged in a furious campaign on Vietnamese radio and television stations on Daucher’s behalf.

The belief was that Daucher, who speaks no Vietnamese and had not previously been closely associated with that community, could win the contest if she locked up the Vietnamese vote. The 34th state Senate District includes part of Little Saigon, the largest Vietnamese American community in the nation.

One of the keys, consultants said, was to persuade Daucher to let them compose campaign pieces in Vietnamese, as opposed to the campaign literature poorly translated from English on which they believed Daucher’s opponent would rely.

A close contest from the start

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