No Pledge……how about a Wedgie?

Sometimes…enough is enough. Sometimes the hubris, self congratulatory conduct and blatant misuse of position and power…..finally hit and the wall and tilt that windmill. Today we send congratulations to resigning member of Orange Coast College Student Government Christine Zoldos. This lady has the heart and caring for this country for her fellow students – that few of any gender or background could ever attempt to match or follow. She outed the Student Body
Government Board for voting to do away with the Pledge of Allegiance and then trying to
cover it up. She had the temerity to call the press…and have them see for themselves!

The actions of the 68 year old student Government leader Lynne Riddle is typical of what can happen when the entrenched structure keeps the new and innovative out of the process.
She wants Christine out….barred, defamed and her epilets torn off. Call the press…how dare
you Christine. This is so reminiscent of institutions in the 60’s and 70’s and the kids who revolted from the obvious institutional cronyism’s, hypocritical self satisfactions and power driven institutional incredulity. What is going on at Orange Coast College?

How could school Administrators not yank the reigns of power away from SNN recipient
Riddle and Company when they wanted to do away with the “Pledge of Allegiance”? Yet, was this in fact the first time…..abberant behavior has raised its ugly head at OCC Student Government- or had it happened before? Who was and should be watching the store?
We guess that the lone voice of Christine Zoldos has been left to stand up for us – in this ongoing battle of political correct “stupidisms”!

God Bless you Christine… did the right thing by resigning. You did the right thing by going public. Serving with the present board would be an act of pure masochism and without any impact! Everyone might think everything got fixed and is well….which is obviously not the case when it comes to Student Government with the Orange Coast College Pirates! Perhaps we should call for a total resignation of the entire Student Body Government Board and have the OCC Administration elect or select all new members! Maybe time for a little new blood?
How about that for being “Politically Correct”?

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