Garcia thanks his supporters

New Brea City Councilman Ron Garcia posted a “thank you” on his campaign website – the text is in jpg format so I won’t post it here, but suffice to say that he is grateful for all the help he received and thankful for the victory. Garcia, a Republican, was not endorsed by the OC GOP, when the party endorsement committee had a snit over some of his votes as a planning commissioner – but I made the point at the time that he was very popular and qualified, and that he would likely win. And he did – decidedly. The candidate the party did endorse, Steve Vargas, came in almost last.

I have known Vargas for a long time – and my concern was that he would have a hard time winning, as the field was crowded and he was already voted off the council previously. However, the conservative element in the party embraced him and now the party is in the awkward position of having backed the wrong horse. I am hopeful that in the future the elected members of the OC GOP Central Committee will be able to select the local candidates of their choice, via their Assembly District caucuses. Their choices will be a better reflection of the local candidates who ought to be supported by the party.

Garcia is going to be fine councilman – and I encourage you to visit his website. I expect that Garcia will one day become a legislative candidate for our party – but first he has many years of service to look forward to on the Brea City Council. Congratulations Ron!

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