Attacks on Tinajero and Daucher underhanded…and connected

I simply cannot believe the attacks that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his allies are flinging at Santa Ana School Board Member Sal Tinajero – via their hired mudslinger, Californians United. This same organization is also backing Otto Bade’s ridiculous write-in campaign against Lynn Daucher. This is quite a mess – but it bears further scrutiny.

The principal at Californians United is apparently Santa Ana lobbyist Bruce Young. He has enjoyed the support of Claudia Alvarez, of the Santa Ana City Council. And his organization ripped Tom Umberg, to help Lou Correa prevail against him in the June primary. Now he appears to be working to take out Alvarez’ candidate for Ward 6 on the Santa Ana City Council – Tinajero. And he is still helping Correa.

As has been related by my fellow bloggers, searching the Californians United finance reports tells the whole story. Contributors to the vile “Californians United” include:

  • Southern California Edison
  • Desilva Gates Construction
  • Cargo Pac – representing the California Trucking Association
  • Mclarand, Vasquez, Emsiek & Partners, Inc.
  • Blue Cross of California (!) Time to switch your insurance company!
  • California Latino Leadership Fund – Nice way to show Latino leadership – by trashing Tinajero
  • Madison Materials
  • Ware Disposal Company
  • Los Angeles Casino Pac – Gambling interests – say it ain’t so!
  • AT&T California Employee Pac – Time to switch phone companies!
  • Safeway Inc. – Time to switch grocery stores!

With regard to Tinajero, to be clear I am supporting his GOP opponent, George Collins, for Ward 6, however, the attacks on Tinajero are so gross that I simply cannot ignore them. I urge OC and Santa Ana Democrats to rise to his defense – he is your endorsed candidate for Ward 6 – how can so many of you allow him to be attacked without saying anything?

The mailers I have received this week blame Tinajero for the Santa Ana Unified School District’s “failure.” Who are they kidding? I also got a mailer this week from Dr. Audrey Noji – an SAUSD board member who has been a trustee for over 15 years – why is Pulido supporting her but bashing Tinajero? If anything, she is even guiltier – she has been on the board forever. Tinajero can at least say that test scores have been on the rise since he was elected.

One mailer even compares Tinajero to recalled SAUSD trustee Nativo Lopez. It says they are “birds of a feather.” That sounds like a racist attack to me! Lopez ran the board back then – and Tinajero did what he felt he had to in order to get along. Besides, Lopez has been off the board now for some time. Where is the massive improvement we were promised? The board in general has not delivered – and Noji has been the board president for the last two years!

We all should be upset at the B.S. being flung by “Californians United.” Don’t let them get away with what amounts to political assassination.

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