LA potential $One Billion Metrolink. Crenshaw to LAX

Did you know that the Orange County Metrolink system started service on March 29, 1994? In fact OCTA gave me a birthday gift. They opened for service the Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo station on April 22, 2002, four and half years ago. Larry, what’s your point in all this trivia? A good question. In the Region/State section of today’s OC Register is a report stating that LA transportation officials are looking to spend $one billion for a light rail connection along Crenshaw LAX. Notice that’s the same amount of money OCTA is seeking on the renewed Measure M for Metrolink related connections.

Let’s get back to my original comment. OC Metrolink has been in service for TWELVE and a half years. The Mission Viejo station has been operating for FOUR and a half. “On March 29, 1994 2,000 commuters and pleasure riders took to the Orange County Metrolink rails for the first time.” Source. Metrolink News and Events. My sense is that this first day was a “free” ride and people were curious to test the system. Now twelve and a half years later that number has not increased enough to justify adding another billion dollars for social engineering.

The Register report said the Crenshaw/LAX system could be up and running by 2015 and projected 43,400 daily boardings by 2025, ten years later.
Well, We’ve had twelve years of our experiment. Let me continue to hammer home the point that during the June 2006 PEAK a.m. boardings only 2,136 Orange County passengers boarded the train after having knowledge of, and access to, it for 12 years. The good news, and there is some good news, is that once you figure out how to get to the station from your homes, and figure out connections to your jobs or whatever final destination your travels take you to, you should not have a problem getting a seat on the train. On the flip side I cannot assure you that you will find a place to put all of your packages if you happen to be out shopping that day.I would fire anyone working for me that would propose spending one billion dollars of taxpayer money to move less than one half of one percent of Orange County commuters. That’s my opinion. I welcome yours. That’s what the blog is all about!

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