Eye on Santa Ana: Shopping Cart Ordinance to be Considered on Monday

The Santa Ana proposed shopping cart ordinance will be considered by the Santa Ana City Council, on Monday, September 18, at the council meeting that will take place at the Santa Ana Police Department community room, at 6:05 pm.

Neighborhood activist Julie Stroud is urging city residents to speak at the meeting and show support for the ordinance. She is also asking residents to bring a friend to the meeting or to email other neighbors to attend. Stroud feels that without community support the ordinance might not pass.

Shopping carts have become a big issue in the current City Council and mayoral campaigns. I have no idea what is in the new ordinance, but it will be interesting to note on Monday how the Council ends up voting on this. In particular, don’t be surprised if some of the Council members, and some of the candidates, end up giving long-winded speeches about the proposed ordinance.

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