Carona records not available?

Karen Finn tells me that has been asking for public records from the Clerk of the Board for the Orange County Board of Supervisors Office, regarding Sheriff Carona and Jon Fleischman. Finn is looking for all the files pertaining to the ongoing attempt to fire Lt. Bill Hunt and the deputies who supported him, from the OC Sheriff’s department, after the June 6th election.

According to Finn, Carona is trying to “slam good cops.” However, the County Counsel for the Board of Supervisors, which, as Finn puts it, “is really supposed to be working for the tax payers,” will not give her the records she has requested.

Finn is looking for emails, fax, and memos related to Carona’s acts against Hunt and his fellow deputies. She has been told that her request will take a year and that Carona does not have the time to put someone on it. Finn says that she has asked the County Counsel over and over again for the documents in question, and they keep saying it will take too much time . Finn says that she has been told that the files are in Carona’s office, but so far she has yet to see any of them.

It sounds like Finn ought to call Supervisors Chris Norby and Lou Correa. They have each stood up to Carona in recent weeks. The public needs to know more about the “Witch Hunt.”

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