Campbell says Carona survey is “good management”

I sent letters to each of our OC Supervisors today, urging them to vote against OC Sheriff Mike Carona’s absurd request for almost $400,000 to conduct useless surveys that are engendered to create a false sense of confidence in Carona. My readers might recall the fact that BOS Vice Chair Chris Norby bravely took on Carona, while Chairman Lou Correa’s help, Norby was able to stop the request – but it will be back tomorrow.

The good news is that the OC Register, this blog, the Liberal OC blog, and even some of the bloggers at OC Blog have all come out against the Carona request. The bad news is that Campbell emailed me tonight and this is what he had to say: “Thanks for writing. I’ve read the 200 + pages associated with this request. It is not political. It is good management. Remember, “Trust but verify.”

How very disappointing. I encourage our readers to show up tomorrow at the BOS meeting, at 9:30 am, at the OC Hall of Administration, and speak out against Carona. Please urge the supervisors to think twice before rubber stamping Carona’s tax-wasting request. You can find directions to the meeting online at this link.

In related news, there is apparently there is a move afoot to change the OC Board of Supervisor’s term limits to three terms instead of two. I was ambivalent about this initially because I would love to see Norby and incoming John Moorlach have more time to work together on the BOS. However, let’s be honest. There will always be more bad supervisors than good ones. Do we really want to see career politicians like Campbell, Jim Silva and Tom Wilson stay on the board another four years? Say it ain’t so! Bad enough that Silva is now on the way to Sacramento, where he will presumably find more ways to suck up to Carona and his other OC GOP machine buddies. Barf! If anything maybe we need stricter term limits! One and out…

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