Something stinks in Westminster

Inside sources tell me that the problems at the Westminster School District stem not from Kermit Marsh, the conservative Westminster council member who allegedly advised one of the school board members to pull her endorsement of Kimoanh Nguyen-Lam, but rather with Janet Brubaker, the president of the Westminster Teachers Association. She is well known for her stand against the school board, in 2004, in favor of a uniform complaint policy that gave protection to students and staff based on gender orientation.

The WTA has already endorsed a slate for the fall including Jim Reed (see photo at right), a cop named Bridgewater, and a third person – all are Caucasian candidates. Bridgewater is the husband of the PTA president who supports the union.

My sources tell me that the WTA, in endorsing Jim Reed, a Republican who caters to the WTA, is showing its true colors. They cannot say that they are neutral with regard to Nguyen-Lam, and that they support the community.

I believe that their real concern lies with their concerns about a new contract. They will do whatever they have to in order to take control of the board and get the contract they are looking for. I have also been told that the WTA had concerns about whether Nguyen-Lam was going to push for hiring more minority teachers and staff. The Times reported that a community activist, Stephanie Erickson, said that “Nguyen-Lam was hired because certain board members appeared to be working with her “to promote a Hispanic and Vietnamese agenda.” She is probably referring to Sergio Contreras and Blossie Marquez, the board members who supported Nguyen-Lam.

I was also told that some of the teachers, who were all wearing black and who were in the board room, treated the parents disrespectfully at the last school board meeting, by carrying on sideabar conversations and snickering while individual parents spoke. Many of these parents were first time board visitors. They felt humiliated and sad, considering that these teachers are entrusted to take care of their kids, according to my sources.

My sources tell me that they are now concerned that the WTA’s actions could lead to anti-union sentiment among the greater APIA and Latino communities. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

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