Carona’s leadership called into question

I met a fellow yesterday who is a police officer at the City of Long Beach. We got to talking about OC Sheriff Mike Carona, and he winced. “He is a disgrace to the department,” he said. I wonder how many other law enforcement officials feel that way? I know that Carona’s own deputies chose to endorse his opponent, Bill Hunt. The other opponent, Ralph Martin, is also doing well and his consultant is targeting both Vietnamese voters and the Democrats, according to today’s OC Register article.

My favorite quote from today’s Register article comes from Kevin Pendergraft, the chair of the board at the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce. “The folks he surrounded himself with, I think that was unacceptable. I think Mike Carona is more the politician and doesn’t get things done,” says Pendergraft, who no surprise won’t be voting for Carona.

I spoke to OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh late this past week, and he indicated that the polling data he has access to shows Carona firmly in the lead. I don’t know about that. Both Hunt and Martin are picking up steam, as evidenced by the OC Weekly blog recently touting the fact that both Hunt and Martin are now raising more money than Carona. The OC Weekly blog also indicates that Carona is desperately trying to raise more money. What a waste of Republican money! The Democrats must be laughing out loud at us…

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