DeVore campaign licks a lot of envelopes…and Williams joins in the effort

I was admittedly dubious when Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine) announced that he was going to ask his backers to prepare 5,000 mailers asking folks for money for his reelection campaign, but I received a call tonight from Ryan Gene Williams, the GOP candidate for the 69th Assembly District. Williams went to DeVore’s home and joined in the mass lick-fest. According to Williams, DeVore had over 45 volunteers at his home throughout the day, and they did indeed succeed in preparing the mailers in question.

Now the real question is whether DeVore’s recent endorsement of his liberal counterpart, Lynn Daucher, will hurt or help his fundraising effort. I would suspect that the Republicans for a New Majority will thank DeVore by giving him a check or two. We’ll have to wait and see if county conservatives respond in kind…

Kudos to Williams for helping out a fellow Republican. I wonder if this will compel GOP pollster Adam Probolksy to stop attacking Williams in public? GOP insiders tell me that Probolsky has been very rude to Williams at numerous GOP functions, insisting on telling others that “Williams has no chance” in the 69th A.D. Why would Probolsky, an OC GOP Central Committee member, rip into Williams in that fashion when he is running unopposed? I wonder if Probolsky bothered to visit DeVore’s home today, to lick envelopes? Frankly, I doubt it. I have never known Probolsky to treat other Republican candidates like this, and I hope that this aberration will cease. Williams may be an underdog, but if liberal screecher Claudia Alvarez wins the Dem nomination for the 69th, all bets are off. I predict that many Democrats will vote for Williams rather than risk sending the “Queen of Meltdowns” to Sacramento.

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