Lupe Moreno fights back!

This just came in from Lupe Moreno, the conservative GOP candidate for the 34th State Senate District:

Dear Friends,

The city I have lived in for 37 years was attacked on two different occasions during the marches that were held during the last few weeks. I collected the following information from at least six different friends that live and work in this city. One was a person who is very high profile right now and cannot get this information out. They asked me to help them do it. It seems everyone in high office who took an oath of office and who knows a piece or part of what happened is afraid to come forward.

I have also found out that most people don’t even know they were attacked. It is the people at the bottom of government that seem to know more. I went before the Orange County Board of Supervisors and complained about the attacks.

I told them that our government buildings were breached and they sat there as cool as cucumbers. Where the Hell are the men of this nation? The very existence of this government is at risk and they go on as if I said nothing.

I went to the Santa Ana School Board to thank their staff for saving the American flag from being taken down and replaced by the Mexican Flag, and they don’t even know that there was a problem in some of their schools! Same thing, they sit there as if I had not said anything.

Once again, “where are the men of this nation?” It seems that the only really men are in our groups. I think after this election I am going away to somewhere safe, if such a place even exists anymore.

Please look at the response from the county lawyers. This tape needs to be seen. It is chilling! God help us.

The Speech:

On March 27, 2006, the City of Santa Ana was attacked, but few people know about it. There is a tape about what happened to the government buildings. I want that tape.

On that day in the city I have lived in for the last 37 years, people carrying the Mexican flag invaded and attacked at least five Orange County government buildings, causing damage. My youngest child and a very good friend work in those buildings.

People carrying the Mexican flag chased down County government workers and some were hurt. One worker was even stabbed with a Mexican flag.

People carrying the Mexican flag started rioting on my street Bristol. Bristol was spray painted with “This is Mexico.”

People carrying the Mexican flag, running down Bristol, attacked Mater Dei High School. Their staff held their ground and saveed Mater Dei from damage.

Kids carrying the Mexican flag attacked Century High School. Those same kids went crazy and tried to take down the American flag. Santa Ana School District staff saved it.

Yesterday May 1, 2006, people carrying Mexican flags again went crazy in my neighborhood. Bristol had to be closed down. The swat team pushed them onto my street. My children felt endangered and threatened. When I got home from church at 10:45 p.m. that night, there still were people with the Mexican flags running around causing damage.

For our safety, for our security and for our civil rights I ask that you make that tape available to the news media so the rest of America knows what happened to my city, my home.

I ask for relief.
I ask for protection.
I ask for justice.

I am letting you know NOW if one hair of my child’s head is hurt or if she calls in fear for her life I am holding each and everyone of you responsible and I am suing this county.

You cannot let people carrying the Mexican flag chase down county workers and stab them with Mexican flags.

You are the leaders of this county. You took an oath to protect us from foreign and domestic enemies.

By not saying and doing something, you empower those thugs that chased down government workers!

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