Santa Ana Assembly candidate merits further scrutiny

We have already revealed the hypocrisy of Claudia Alvarez, the Santa Ana Council Member who is running for the 69th Assembly District, but her peer on the council, Jose Solorio, also has a few questions to answer.

An eagle-eyed observer emailed me today and asked “why did Solorio give his wife $1,170.50 in campaign funds, for travel?” Here is the link you can follow to read that campaign finance report:

We know that Solorio voted for the BMW sweetheard redevelopment deal, but my source also noticed that he accepted $2,000 from Crevier BMW after voting to give them that deal last year. Talk about a smoking gun… On top of that, he accepted $249 from Honda of Santa Ana. I wonder if he received the latter before or after he voted to drastically overpay for the lot that was handed over to that dealership?

And there’s more: why has he taken $99 twice from Santa Ana resident Desi Reyes, whom he put on the Environmental and Transportation Advisory Committee? Furthermore, why did Solorio accept $100 and then $99 from Michelle Martinez, who sits on the Parks and Recreation Committee? Those contributions may not be illegal, but they don’t look good. This kind of thing got Gray Davis recalled, and cost Jimmy Hahn the L.A. Mayor’s office.

Solorio also works for the OCTA, and now their Measure M is being touted on the City of Santa Ana’s website. Inside sources also have hinted that Solorio engages in a lot of city business while he is on the OCTA time clock.

The more we find out about Solorio and Alvarez, the better their Democrat competitor, Armando de la Libertad, looks. A political consultant tells me that Libertad’s campaign is up and running. His volunteers are making phone calls every day and getting his name out. You can find out more about his campaign at

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