Rosie Avila arrives at last…in the mailbox!

Rosie arrives at last…in the mailbox

I wasn’t surprised when I got home today and found a letter from the Rosie Avila campaign for the 47th Congressional District in my mailbox. This is her M.O. She has a fantastic mailing list and uses it every time she runs for office. In this case her letter was penned by Tim Whitacre, but surprise – he is not the campaign manager. Instead, we are asked to contact There is also a phone number we can call, 714-557-6743.

The package also announces a campaign kick-off reception at the Fullerton home of Ron and Zonya Townsend, but you will have to call the campaign office to RSVP. It seems strange to kick off the campaign outside of the district. Star Parker is scheduled to speak on behalf of Avila.

Avila still has no website, but you can email her at Her campaign office is located at 3007 S. Diamond St., in Santa Ana.

By the way, Avila’s slogan appears to be “Let’s make America a place where children can bloom.” I guess Loretta Sanchez’ slogan could be “Let’s make America a place where we can kill the unborn for whatever reason.” What a contrast…

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