Carona’s foundation tanks…sole contributor sanctioned for bribery

Has there ever been a Sheriff in Orange County who has so consistently courted the help and friendship of men of questionable character? Mike Carona really has a knack for this! The Orange County Register has reported this week that Carona’s charitable foundation is in its death throes. The sole remaining contributor, Frederick “Jack” Henshaw, a self-made millionaire, was sanctioned for trying to bribe a federal court official. Sounds like a “Carona Crony” to me.

As would be expected, Mike Schroeder, Carona’s hired political muscle, claims that Henshaw is a great guy who likes to help children. Well, he did get rich in part by buying up liquor stores, but hey he’s just trying to quench everyone’s thirst, right?

Henshaw claims he contributed to Carona’s fund because the money was all spent on helping kids, but now that Carona is moving the management of the non-profit foundation to the United Way, Henshaw may stop contributing to it, as he is concerned about the way that the United Way spends their contributions.

Carona gets in trouble even when he tries to do something good – help abused kids. you just have to wonder if the guy is hiring the right people, or is he just ethically challenged?

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