When Bernie Sanders showed up to help us Disney Workers.

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Last year my coworkers and I found ourselves, once again, in the fight of our lives against one of the most powerful and richest corporation’s in the world.  #Disney, had for a LONG time gotten away with paying poverty wages to its employees.  And most of them couldn’t afford or could barely afford Disney’s healthcare plan.   It was discovered, through a Disney worker survey, that there were coworkers who at one point were homeless and lived out of their cars.  One of them was found dead in their car after not showing up for work for several days.  And many others were food insecure, were on food stamps and feared being evicted every month due to these poverty wages that we were fighting against. My Union, #UniteHereLocal11, had a plan to win this fight.

And someone also came down to Anaheim and held a huge town hall meeting/rally at the River Arena, allowing the struggles of my coworkers to be exposed to the world.  This person was Bernie Sanders.  He was the ONLY current presidential Democratic candidate to come down and have our backs.  And this wasn’t the first time that #BernieSanders had made it a personal goal to fight against Disney’s longtime practice of paying poverty wages to its workers, (just like he has fought #Amazon and #Walmart for the same causes.)  It was an EXTREMELY powerful and inspiring moment for all of us Disney workers who were standing up for a better life for our families, our children and our coworkers.  And we won that fight.

#Sanders has been fighting for people he doesn’t know his ENTIRE political career. He’s the ONLY current presidential Democratic candidate who has gotten ARRESTED for fighting against social injustice.  This is his PASSION.  He is responsible for reeling in the Democratic party from a dangerous and inhumane center that had started to look more and more like the old Republican party, back when THAT party wasn’t as far right as it is now.   Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-CortezIlhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have not only endorsed #Bernie, but are also campaigning tooth and nail for this massive #grassroots movement that is bigger than any one person.

As Bernie’s campaign itself states, #NotMeUs 

#Bernie2020 #SiSePuede 🇺🇸


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