Sunday: Feed the Homeless at Derrick’s 11-year-old birthday party, Kelly’s Corner.

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From our friend Corrie (Derrick’s mom)

Derrick got his lil heart broken on Sat. He had 80¢ he was saving for chips. Derrick earns change by holding parking spaces for people. He saw one of our unhoused friends looking thru the trash for food. This guy has allot of mental and physical health problems. We have helped him many times., at first I didn’t see him. So Derrick ran in and got his change.

I asked him what he was doing. First he said he was getting his chips. But he was fibbing. He was looking for the homeless guy to give him the change. He said mom can I give my change to that guy. I said bubba if you want to. Long story short. Derrick gave it too him. 10 mins later the guy comes back and asks my friend for a smoke. She gives it to him. Then he asks Andrew for a beer and some drugs, in front of Derrick.

I come outside to Derrick crying and hugging Andrew. He said mom I know some people are sick. But I wanted the change to go for food. I told him bubba that is why we make them sandwiches, to make sure they eat. It hurt him this whole weekend. Well his birthday is on May 9th. He was suppose to have a lil party at big air. Yesterday in the afternoon he told me. He doesn’t want a party this yr. He wants to do a big homeless feed to make sure they Eat.

What a heart my son has, he made me cry. I told him don’t let this one person’s action, change how you help people. So if you want to help me surprise him with a feed. Message me. His 80¢ just went along way. Derrick will be handing out birthday invitation to our unhoused friends for his party/feed

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