NFL Cheerleaders deserve a minimum wage!

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Bryant Gumbel just did a wonderful segment on NFL Cheerleaders.  The fact that Roger Goodell has not address this issue is truly an outrage!   Using the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, who were the first to take advantage of fan sexism and perhaps be the inspiration for the hooters chain – the truth of the matter is that most NFL teams are not even paying these hot babes minimum wage.  The typical required 350 hours of work, is being paid with $125 dollars for 12 games.  The girls have to buy their own uniforms, upwards of $600 dollars a copy.  They are repaid with perks which include spray tanning sessions, botox treatments and lazer eye treatments.  They don’t even get those three day specials from the local Time Share company.

The truth of the matter is that Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to set policy regarding the treatment and payment of Team Cheerleaders.  If the NFL really wants the best and the brightest – they need to set a reasonable and established minimum wage for these highly competitive women who dare to expose and compete for the these highly visable jobs.  How much are these girls paid for their personal appearances and yearly calendars?  Nothing!  How much do these women receive for personal public appearances for the team…….Nothing!  There needs to be a set salary structure and why this has not happened since 1970 is truly an outrage!

We are not talking about your local high school team or even college.  No, we are talking about the ultimate in professional sports….the NFL.  All of us should write our favorite team and simply ask them:  How much do you pay your cheerleaders?  How much to pay them for training, personal appearances and media events which include those annual team cheerleader calendars?  This issue is ultimate sexism at its worst.  Please NFL…….again……do the right thing.

NFL Cheerleaders deserve a minimum wage!

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