Doomsday Businesses “Laughing All the Way to the Bank”

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Doomsday Preppers, Agenda 21, Glen Beck and other conspiracy theory groups are gaining in popularity, especially since the NSA, IRS scandals.  These groups are also making a great deal of money. I contacted Deep Earth Bunkers, a company that builds bunkers, shelters and safe rooms for Doomsday customers and has a realty tv show. I wanted to know how much an underground bunker would cost to shelter four people.  They gave me an estimate of $100,000 and that’s unfurnished and doesn’t include installation or  excavation — which requires a 25 foot hole and won’t fit under your existing home — better add another $50,000 to the bill.  Oh and the size of this roomy underground condo? 20′ x 50′. And you will need to buy some land in the woods to house your “bug-out” pad… you wouldn’t want the world to know your hide out when the “shit-hits-the-fan.”  And they are backlogged with new orders for the next two months.



Another company claims to offer cheaper models that come with free Arizona land and flat screen televisions, but they won’t disclose exactly where you “pod” will be until you fork over some cash. As for the flat screen televisions , exactly what shows will people watch from underground? Do people really believe that they will be able to watch their favorite tv shows, if there were a catastrophe? Don’t they think things through before they sign on the bottom line or do they plug into their “lizard brain” and all common sense goes out the window?


“Agenda 21”, is a book authored by Glenn Beck…the same Glenn Beck that got too crazy even for FOX News and who claimed he left FOX to “save his soul”, but the real story is — he knew he was about to get fired because according to a FOX News spokesperson: “Glenn Beck wasn’t trying to save his soul, he was trying to save his ass. Advertisers fled his show and even Glenn knows what that means in our industry. Yet, we still tried to give him a soft landing. Guess no good deed goes unpunished.”

It appears, from my research that Beck decided to write a fictional book based on the real Agenda 21, which according to Wikipedia, is a non-binding (I wonder how many tax-payer dollars are wasted on non-binding resolutions, which amount to absolutely nothing) voluntarily implemented action plan of the  United Nations with regard to sustainable development. It was formed in 1992 and they continue to meet every few years. No where, in anything I read, is there mention of population control or “culling the herd” which is the favorite topic on many Agenda 21 blogs and chat rooms. The newest accusation is that genetically modified (GM) foods were created to kill people off who could not “adapt” to it. I am a big opponent of GMs but I have not found credible evidence that they are part of some sinister plot to control human population — I think it’s pure greed. I don’t know where people like the Glen Beck’s get their information — my guess is they just make it up because it either sells more books or Doomsday shelters.



Beck claims that his book, “Agenda 21” is pure fiction, but according to many Doomsday websites there are many who believe Beck’s book is a real prediction for the future of the world.  I am guessing that many of them are those who insist on protecting their 2nd Amendment rights believing that “their government is out to get them.”  Agenda 21 is also the name of his website subtitled, “A Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment.” It was hard for me to tell where the entertainment ended and where the enlightenment began. It looked more to me like an online infomercial, where he sells merchandise from tee-shirts, to books, to a place to purchase tickets to his “shows” — his newest coming up this July called, “Man in the Moon.” If you can’t go, you can buy his commemorative “Man in the Moon” coin for only $150.00. What was that quote? “There is a sucker born…”



If anyone has tuned in to any of Beck’s latest “shows” they will or at least should see that they are listening to either a nut job or a very savy businessman. He has made millions off his book sales and endorsements for gold investments.  Beck also announced this year that he plans to build a Libertarian community in Texas for 2 billion dollars called Independence Park. He told the media that it will be a self-sustaining city – theme-park hybrid, where people can choose to live or just visit. Sounds like David Koresh meets Disney to me. Beck has not asked for anyone to put down a deposit to help build his utopian city, but I am sure that is coming soon.




Meanwhile there is another community forming in the mountains of Idaho, named Citadel that as of last December more than 200 individuals and families have paid a partially  refundable $208 application fee to reserve space for the project.  The land they plan to purchase will be large enough to accommodate at least 7,000 residents. I don’t know how much money the final cost will be for those who want to buy property there.  The Citadel organizers don’t grant interviews to the media but on their website they state that residents will be required to buy and maintain at least one AR15 automatic weapon. They go on to say that their community is modeled after Disneyland.  “Millions of people visit Disneyland and interact  peacefully. It’s exceptionally rare to hear of any serious problems. The key is  that those people want to be there and understand what is expected of them.  Surprisingly similar to what we are doing.” Do they allow semi-automatic weapons in Disneyland now? I don’t get the connection.


It seems that almost daily there is someone who comes up with a new idea how to make money off of the “fear factor” and plenty of people willing to give up their life savings to buy into the idea that they will survive whatever catastrophic event comes their way.  This whole Doomsday thing is nothing new though — back in the 50s, Americans were convinced that Russia was going to drop “the bomb” on U.S. soil — even though it was the United States who dropped not one, but two bombs on Japan that ended WWII.  Many Americans bought bomb shelters and prepared for the worst…which never happened. I guess the upside is that these Doomsday salesmen are keeping our economy afloat.. for now.



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