It Can Happen to You – the Veth Mam travesty.

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Matt Leslie for Fullerton Rag

On April 22 in a Santa Ana courthouse a jury decided that Veth Mam’s civil rights were not violated in October, 2010 by officers of the Fullerton Police Department, who pulled Mr. Mam from a crowd of onlookers as he video recorded them in action. The officers arrested him, charged him with assaulting a police officer, and swore he obstructed their work and tried to choke one of them. When he was tried in court the reports filed by FPD officers were easily disproven by the existence of a now widely circulated YouTube video. Mr. Mam went free, but not before the officers changed their stories mid-stream to what we can only call highly improbable narratives…

So Veth Mam sued them in federal court, claiming they had violated his civil rights by singling him out for daring to video them while they arrested his friend in the early morning hours in downtown Fullerton, and for throwing him in jail and maliciously prosecuting him, knowing he did not commit the crimes for which he was charged and eventually acquitted.

Last week an Orange County jury ruled against Mr. Mam…  Continue reading here at Fullerton Rag…

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