Exactly Why Do We Need more Women in Obama’s Cabinet?

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President Obama is busy getting his new cabinet together and it’s full of  white males, and this has some people unhappy. I agree it’s probably a good idea to have more diversity, as in  women and minorities on his team.  The only women (so far) are Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security and Kathleen Sebelius of Health and Human Services.  Women were after all the ones who got him back in office, but that was because so many boneheads in the GOP couldn’t resist putting their proverbial foot in their mouth… especially concerning their definition of “rape”;  contraception and who could forget — the transvaginal probe?

I agree we need a variety of individuals who come to the table with excellent credentials and a track record of getting the job done. I do not agree with those who believe more women need to be on his team because they are more empathetic than men.  I don’t think empathy is gender exclusive.  Maureen Dowd wrote in a recent op-ed:

“Now comes a parade of women to plead the case for the value of female  perspective in high office: Women reach across the aisle, seek consensus,  verbalize and empathize more, manage and listen better. Women are more  pragmatic, risk-averse and, unburdened by testosterone, less bellicose.  Unfortunately, these “truisms” haven’t held true with many of the top women I’ve  covered in Washington.”

I agree, and I don’t think this belief is limited to politics,  although I believe anyone who makes it to Congress didn’t get there because they are “nurturing” and that includes women. Women are just as capable of playing “hard ball” and acting insensitive as men.  I can think of a few “non-nurturing” women right now…. the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer;  U.S. Representative, Michelle Bachman; and who can forget — Sarah Palin — the candidate for Vice President?  There are just as many money-hungry women, who will bend over backwards to lobbyists who promise to help bankroll their next election.

I am more concerned that whomever Obama chooses, he/she has the balls to stand up to lobbyists who do not have our country’s best interest at heart. Yes, I want that person to do their job with integrity but I really don’t care how nurturing they are.  I do not think integrity and nurturing  have anything to do with each other. I want that person to stop thinking about their next election and focus on doing the job they were elected or appointed to do.  I want the revolving door from business to politics to end, like Obama promised.  This President is just as guilty of ignoring his promises as most other politicians.  I just want these people to do what they say they are going to do.

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