OCTA Highway Committee Meeting: “Votes Not There for Toll Lanes”

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OCTA wants to shun the 2 fot 1 sale and buy 2 separately

Paul Glaab, Pat Bates, and “Toll Road” Jerry Amante at an OCTA Board Meeting. Quote is made up, but seems pretty appropriate based on the story.

In a meeting of the OCTA Highways Committee this morning, toll lane proponents admitted that the votes were not there for their plan to add tolls to the 405.

Instead, the committee voted to recommend to the full OCTA board that they proceed with Alternative 1 for the time being, with the understanding that the right-of-way for Alternative 1 would be broad enough to include the toll land proposal.

If this passes at the board level, this would eliminate from further consideration as  “locally preferred alternative” some of the least popular features, including the highly controversial widening through College Park in Seal Beach,  the direct connection to the failing 73 toll road, and the taking of businesses in Fountain Valley.

This would leave open future consideration of toll facilities and the possibility of adding two free lanes through the most constricted area of the freeway between Brookurst and the 22.

This recommendation is not binding on the full board, where there are more  fervent toll supporters than on this committee.

Lucy Dunn, speaking for the Orange County Business Council, lavished praise on the OCTA and their plans for managed lanes, with a promise to help educate the public on the benefits of tolls. Her comments about educating the public were echoed by OCTA board members,  who were careful not to criticize the abject failure of their CEO and his overpaid propaganda staff and project manager, who failed dismally in their efforts to educate us all.

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