How will the Supremes rule on Obamacare? The Orange Juice Oracle debuts our new Political Astrology Column!

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Welcome to the first offering from our Orange Juice Oracle, the very first Political Astrology column in the nation’s entire blogosphere!

Although this is generally a local blog, the Oracle expressed a preference for prognosticating on national issues.  And whatever the Oracle wants the Oracle gets.

Loath to contemplate five months of speculation on the Presidential Election, however, I decided to ask him instead what the stars say about a more immediately timely question:  How will the Supreme Court rule on Obamacare – a decision that might come down as early as this (Monday) afternoon.

The Oracle accepted the challenge, but explained to me how complicated it would be to do the synergistic birth chart of all nine Justices.  (My suggestion to just do swing-vote Justice Kennedy fell on deaf ears.)  The Oracle instead opted to do the “birth chart of the Health Care Reform Bill, and the birth chart of the Supreme Court, and then compared the two.”

So … HEEEERE’S The Oracle!


The important thing to note astrologically about health care is that it is, at its core … a women’s issue.

The health care law’s chart (birth time of March 23, 2010 11:57 am, Washington DC) places the moon in Cancer (women) in a position of great prominence (which is conjuncting the ascendant.)  The structure and foundation of the healthcare law (Saturn in the 4th in Libra) is ruled by Venus in Aries in the 11th house (the woman as warrior fighting for freedom and fairness.)

Now, the new law specifically addresses discrimination in the health insurance market in the form of cuts in maternity coverage, gender-related higher premiums, and denials in coverage for gender-related pre-existing conditions. Basically, being a woman is considered a pre-existing condition. Provisions in the new health care law are supposed to protect everyone, but they will especially benefit women who are starting from much further behind.

One of the most profound effects surrounding this law is its power to tap into primitive instincts in the games of love and war, between the masculine and feminine.  This whole thing isn’t just about health care.  It’s about resistance to the impending great universal shift in power from patriarchal to matriarchal influence, which is signified by the progression of the fixed star Regulus. After a 2000 year progression through the masculine sign of Leo, on November 28, 2011 Regulus progressed into the sign of Virgo.

This is a whole new ball game for humanity. The resistance will be fierce, but futile. We will become a more matriarchal society.

In the health care reform chart, Saturn in Libra (authority on justice) forms a very stressful aspect to Pluto in Capricorn (entrenched power.)   Within the realm of healthcare, if the Supreme Court actions oppose the healthcare law, the inevitable response will be accusations of discrimination and injustice toward women, along with an exposure of the health care system’s hostilities and unfairness toward them.   The pushback will be fierce, unforgiving, and somewhat surprising in its intensity.  It will take everyone, but especially the Court, by surprise.

What is ironic is the ability of the health care law to threaten the Court.  This law is a tremendous challenge to the Court’s prestige and sense of itself.  In the healthcare chart, Saturn (authority and restriction) sits right on top of the Court’s Sun (vitality and self-concept).  The Court’s dealings with the health care law presents a great threat to its sense of itself, as a thriving institution.

So, what can we expect from the Supremes?  If the decision is lacking in substance, or somewhat incoherent, it will be brutally criticized.  Among so many factors to be considered astrologically, here are a few of the most interesting:

  • The Supreme’s Saturn in Pisces (authority, ability to restrict through withholding), falls directly over the HC’s Jupiter in Pisces (expansive, all-inclusive, non-specific.)  It is likely that the court will seek to restrict what they find to be the law’s overreach and non-specificity (most likely the mandate.) Because the court’s Saturn also falls on the healthcare law’s Midheaven (what it is trying to accomplish), it is likely that the Supremes see the bill’s outcome (healthcare for all and regulation of insurance), as undesirable. What they will legislate from the bench remains to be seen, but they are balancing their intentions against their image.
  • Also, this Court is concerned with defending traditional cultural values, and a woman’s place within those values (Mars in Cancer.)  It seeks to control the freedoms of individuals (corporations according to them are also individuals), and avoid revolt, particularly in the area of finance (Pluto in Aquarius in the 2nd house).  A major configuration this week involving the transiting Saturn falling directly over the Supremes’ Neptune (illusion, compassion) and Mercury (decisions, communication), most likely indicates that all previous illusions surrounding the court will be declared null and void, and that the Court will be held accountable for any ambiguity, or lack of compassion surrounding their decision.
  • Because Eris, a minor planet, also plays a part in the planetary configuration surrounding their final decision, it is most likely that at least one justice will fiercely oppose it. Now you can fill in who that might be, as this is just an analysis of the Court on the whole, not the individual players. The impending revelation of their decision is sure to get tongues wagging!

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