Mayor Quirk-Silva Addresses the Kelly Thomas Hearing

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Quirk-Silva letter

I’m sure that for some people this will not be enough — there’s no condemnation of other Councilmembers here, no howl to slake a thirst for blood and vengeance.  There’s just human sympathy and understanding; noting the (quite appropriate) steps she took in the immediate wake of the tragedy; laying out various other constructive steps that she has taken in the months since (working within the system and with some people, like Dan Hughes, that critics would like to see removed — but who are still in place and will either help improve the situation or let it become worse); recognizing a balance of interests and respect for the work of the judicial system; and implicitly expressing a trust for voters to make up their own minds about what they think should happen next, now having at hand some of the stark and startling evidence that has previously been kept confidential pending this week’s preliminary hearing.

Some people will find this wanting in all sorts of ways.  As someone who does believe in the ability of a well-managed government to work through even such a horrible tragedy, this simply strikes me as good and decent leadership.  Maybe Mayor Quirk-Silva could have better capitalized on the situation by politicizing it, but she didn’t — and now people can decide what they think about that.

I think that she’s one of the politicians in the area who knows how to govern humanely and well.

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