May Day (artist’s conception) — Rally in Santa Ana from 1:00 on

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May Day poster

Today is May Day.  More than in most years, the advent of the Occupy Wall Street movement has brought it back from the maypole to its roots as the real original Labor Day.  There will be a nice big rally today in Santa Ana.  People will gather at the Necessity Village site (at Civic Center and Ross) at 1:00, then march to  Sasscer Park, (4th and Ross) at 2:00.   Supposedly there is an action at UCI as well; anyone aware of the details, please fill them in as a comment.

The Occupy Wall Street movement called a “general strike” for today, which struck me as a bad idea from the start.  This was not and would not become a “general strike” — such an action takes a lot more muscle than Occupy presently has and raises the stakes high for individuals and the movement as a whole — and it should not be judged by those standards.  It’s a “Day of Action,” OK?  It the walls of Jericho don’t come a-tumblin’ down, no one will be surprised.

One thing that the General Strike really has going for it, though is some truly fantastic art.  For the purpose of publicizing May Day actions, I’m providing some examples that have been distributed to Occupy movements, simply to document the political actions of the day, not because they’re so great or anything (though they are.)  These are by a man named Paul Kuczynski, who deserves to be famous and rich if he isn’t already.


Now if these don’t make you want to get up and go to a rally today, nothing will!

There are more, but you might have to be involved in Occupy to see them.  Happy May Day, everyone!

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