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Oh the things the Moorlach could do with third term.

Moorlach could end homelessness if Moorlach had only four more years.  Moorlach cut pensions if Moorlach have more time in government.

Moorlach make no more big expensive mistakes in third term.  No more Chriss Streets.  No more John Williamses.  No more big doomed lawsuits to save County money end up costing County money.

If the Moorlach just get two more Supes to agree with Moorlach at next meeting, he can get it on June ballot, and he know the voters will give him third term.  Because where else can the Moorlach go, what else can the Moorlach do, but be a OC Supe?

Will it be Janet to say yes?  Pat? Shawn? Bill?  The Moorlach need just two, to vote yes on Item 50 next Tuesday.

Then Moorlach make case to the people of Orange County.  The people love Moorlach.  The people need Moorlach.

The people would never send the Moorlach back to private life to be a boring old accountant again, would they?


Moorlach no get third term.  Only Shawn vote for brilliant Moorlach proposal.  What matter with Janet, Bill, Pat?  Why they no want to be Supes Forever?  Was Shawn’s vote in exchange for the Moorlach’s vote on Shawn’s Item 51 to make Supe position just for rich people?  Did that pass?  (see comments below)  Vern find out…

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Greatest pianist in Orange County, and official troubador of both Anaheim and Huntington Beach (the two ends of the Santa Ana Aquifer.) Performs regularly both solo, and with his savage-jazz quintet The Vern Nelson Problem. Reach at, or 714-235-VERN.