A Public Offer to Michele Martinez (& other AD-69iana)

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Ad for '69 Pontiac

Type "AD-69" into Google Images and this is one of the first ones that comes up: an ad for the 1969 Pontiac GTO, which our crack research staff suggests may feature a young Tom Daly.

Our vicious blog-brethren at Liberal OC have posted “softball” questions and answers for the Democratic candidates for the new Assembly District 69.  Speaking for OJB, which I can do so long as Vern doesn’t notice it, I applaud their industry in pursuing this story and their wisdom in posting it during a period where, from what I can tell, many readers are on vacation.

This journalistic coup is undercut only by the failure or refusal (or “failfusal”) of Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez to submit her answers to their softball questions, for which the Lib OC team held up publication.  They have just gone ahead with the answers of Julio Perez and Tom Daly, the latter of whom we believe may be featured in the above prescient AD-69-themed ad for the enchilada-sauce-colored 1969 Pontiac GTO (which we further understand stood for “Go, Tom! Olé!”), and told Councilwoman Martinez that it is now too late for her to answer their softball questions.  The Liberal train has left the OC station!

Well, we here at THE Orange Juice Blog are happy to proclaim that our train never leaves the station!  (Let me rephrase.  Our trains do leave the station, but they are then followed by other trains.)  The point is: if Michele Martinez wants to send her answers to OJB, even at this late date, we will publish them in the interests of fair play.  And then I will personally go to that post on Lib OC, leave a comment letting them know that we have the goods on how Michele Martinez answers softball questions, and depart with an epic “nanny nanny boo boo” and invitation for their readers to link here for more.

Congratulations also to St. John’s Ranch (I’m translating “Rancho Santiago” to English in case Tom Daly is reading) Community College District Board Member John Hanna, prominently featured endorsing both Perez and Daly.   In fact, I’m going to add an eleventh question to the softballs for Michele: did you ask John Hanna to endorse you as well?  If not, why not?  Maybe it’s not too late.

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