Greedy Brea City Council Either Lying or Incompetent

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Claiming that it was an “accident,” the Brea City council has voted itself a $33,000 annual increase in compensation.  At a time when everyone is having to try and make ends meet, the Brea City Council decided to dramatically increase the benefits of its “executives” and then feigned shock when told that the benefit increase also applied to them.  This leaves two possibilities: 1) neither the City executives being rewarded with the significantly increased benefits nor the City Council bothered to read and understand the intent of the measure that they were voting on, or 2) they both full well knew that council members were voting raises for themselves and are now lying about it.  Neither scenario says anything positive about politics in the City of Brea.  Given that the incompetent or lying “executives” all claim to deserve their six figure salaries, this is another glaring example of public employee compensation run amuck.

Councilman Marty Simonoff has suggested giving back the benefit and has the tacit support of Mayor Roy Moore, but the two cannot get support from other Council members to put an item on the agenda to repeal the action.  Brea’s greed and incompetence looks particularly bad at a time when other cities, such as nearby City of Orange, are pushing to eliminate all compensation for future council members.



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