Van Tran adopted by national GOP’s “Young Guns.” Loretta tosses back head and laughs.

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Did you all catch this hilarious video a couple weeks ago, announcing the Republican Party’s “Young Guns?”  Feel the uplift, the sheer youthiness!

The punchline of course… well, apart from the fact that “young” in the GOP apparently means not yet qualified to get the Senior Discount at Applebee’s, is that these  dolts don’t have a single idea that Bush and Cheney didn’t already try, and didn’t already bring our country to its knees.

So, it makes sense, that this brash new contingent has now reached out to our humble County and inducted the very clueless Van Tran, who gets to join famed whiney-ass pantywaist Eric Cantor and physically buff Herbert Hoover disciple Paul Ryan. Were they really that impressed with Mr. Tran’s ONE achievement over eight years in the California Assembly – a bill allowing unscrupulous Little Saigon restauranteurs and shopkeepers to sell you “Tet” pastries long after they’re safe to eat?  Or what – they’re just desperately hopeful to knock off one of our more effective Latina legislators?

Said legislator, popular incumbent Loretta Sanchez, in between bringing millions back to our neighborhoods hard-hit by foreclosures, addressing Orange County’s water needs, and trying on hot new garb for this weekend’s Fiesta Patrias event, took a moment to toss her head back, laugh, and dictate this response:

“I’m not surprised by the national Republicans’ decision to promote Van Tran to their ‘Young Guns’ list – he certainly shares their misguided values. As a California State Assemblyman, Tran already has plenty of experience racking up billions of dollars worth of budget deficits. And he’s ready to bring back the same failed Republican agenda of budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy and protecting tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas – all of which cost us more than 8 million jobs and devastated our economy.

“Orange County families deserve a leader who won’t spend their hard-earned dollars on a home in a gated community in Sacramento. They deserve a leader who believes in open and transparent government, not closed-door meetings in smoke-filled rooms. Most importantly, they deserve a leader with a vision for a stronger economy and growing middle class, not a plan that involves tax cuts for the wealthy.

“Van Tran and the national Republicans share the same values. Unfortunately, those values aren’t shared by the people of California’s 47th Congressional District.”


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