Orly Taitz: schooled in Irvine

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"Irvine is where I learned to act this insane!"

Ever wonder were Birther Queen Orly Taitz perfected her unique style of inquiry? In Irvine, at the Tarbut v’Torah Jewish Day School.

Three years ago Orly’s son was enrolled at Tarbut when he became involved in an academic dishonesty case.  Normally this the kind of picayune matter would be handled quietly by the student and teacher, with possible input from the staff or the parents. But little is normal when your mom is Orly Taitz.

When your mom is Orly Taitz the proper procedure is to send letters to all of the school’s parents.  Not a single letter, but over half-a-dozen.  And these lawyer-like letters should go on for pages, making accusations of nefarious co-ordinated actions and dark intentions.  Specific individuals need to be singled out, including other students. And these multi-page harangues need to make progressively less sense as the pages go by.  And, of course, school the school must be sued.   (OC Superior Court case 06CC03941 )  Sound familiar?

Orly’s recent fame may have been a surprise to some, but her methods are all too familiar to many Jewish families in Irvine.

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