AUHSD Trustee Jordan Brandman turns down a $50,000 donation to his school district

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Last month, Anaheim Union High School District trustees, including Jordan Brandman, voted 4-1 to reject a $50,000 donation from Anaheim’s After School Fund, a surprising move that has sparked tensions with a key fundraising ally long supportive of the school district’s athletic programs,” according to the O.C. Register.

Brandman explained that he voted against the donation because there were strings attached – the money had to be spent to rehire three office staffers.

“District athletic secretary Barb Hanna’s post – reduced to a half-time position July 1 – could have been restored to full time status with $33,000 of the $50,000 donation. The other two jobs – part-time consultant positions that were cut – could have been restored with the remaining $17,000, which would have paid their stipends.”

Brandman serves on the board of the non-profit that offered the money – but he still voted not to take their money.  It is hard to believe that anyone would vote that way.  I am disappointed in Brandman, who I supported in the past.

Brandman also has recently endorsed right-wing Republican Chris Norby for the Orange County Clerk-Recorder’s office, even though Norby is being challenged by Hugh Nguyen, a moderate, minority Republican with actual experience as a Deputy Clerk-Recorder.

Sad to see Brandman turn out to be just another political hack…

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