Alex Rooker drops out of race for chairmanship of the California Democratic Party

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California Democratic Party First Vice Chair Alex Rooker has dropped out of the race for Chair of her party, in the wake of former State Senate Leader John Burton’s entrance into the race.  Here is her official announcement, which was sent via email today to her supporters:

Congratulations on becoming a candidate for California Democratic Party delegate. It is your involvement that will help shape the Democratic Party and make us successful in the coming years!

Throughout my years as First Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party I have been focused on the need to build this Party out of the activists and volunteers that make it great. It is only through the engagement of real grassroots leaders like you that we can be successful in races from the federal to local level.

Over a year ago I entered the race to become your next State Party Chair. When former Senate Pro Tem John Burton entered the race I was not willing to step aside because I felt that my supporters and I had a vision for the Party that was too important. Over the past few weeks I have been watching the Burton campaign closely.

I have been talking to members of the party leadership that are supporting his campaign and paying close attention to his remarks and written statements. The consistency of his message and the sincerity he displays have convinced me that he has come to share our goals and understands the needs that we face as an organization.

It is for this reason that I have decided to exit the race for chair. Over the next few weeks I will bring several key endorsements into my race for re-election as 1st Vice Chair. Our Party deserves a unified leadership to the build on the current organization and enthusiasm of 2008, take us through the election of a Democratic Governor and re-election of Senator Barbara Boxer in 2010, the redistricting process in 2011 and the resulting tumultuous election year in 2012.

As you go to your delegate elections tomorrow, I think there are just a few questions that should guide your votes: Who has been most active with the party? Who represents the party that we see as our future? Who best represents your values as a Democrat?

I am confident that without the distracting race for Party Chair we can elect hundreds of hard working Democratic activists this coming weekend and work to strengthen the lifeblood of this Party to reach our shared goals in the coming years.

In Unity,

Alex Rooker
1st Vice-Chair
California Democratic Party

Too bad.  Rooker would have made a great Chair, but there is no question that Burton will be a good foil for what is left of the California Republicans.  And he will no doubt be an adept fundraiser.

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