SAUSD candidates’ websites hint at their connections

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One of our readers dug around on Cecilia Aguinaga’s campaign website and discovered some interesting information regarding Aguinaga’s website designer.  The company is called Weblicize, located at 318 W. Truslow, Suite B, in Fullerton.

Weblicize has a lot of clients and they provide a lot of information about their prominent web pages. Some of the web pages designed by Weblicize stood out including the  SOCO area of Fullerton; a Hotel in Palm Springs; as well as some individual companies in Anaheim.  And Weblicize has also been very busy in Santa Ana.

They host the website for Clowncilman Vincent Sarmiento who seems to be endorsed by everybody in Santa Ana, including SAUSD School Board Members Rob Richardson, John Palacio, and Jose Hernandez.

Weblicize also hosts the website for the South Santa Ana Merchants association and a site for the Nuno’s Brothers’ Market on South Standard.

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido originally hailed from Fullerton (after coming here from Mexico) and he still serves on the board of a Fullerton bank. And current Clowncilman Sal Tinajero teachers in Fullerton.

Are Pulido and Sarmiento involved in Aguinaga’s campaign?  Probably.  But they are not listed amongst Aguinaga’s endorsements.

I wonder if they are backing Valerie Amezcua (pictured above with her family), another candidate for the SAUSD School Board?  Her campaign website does not include any endorsements, which is odd.

Her website also does not show up in any web searches.  Nor does fellow SAUSD candidate Gloria Alvarado’s website show up in any search engines.  I am still trying to find the URL for Alvarado’s site.

Amezcua’s website does include her education plan.  And she does include her personal information, but she does NOT share with us what her formal education is.  So I have no idea of Amezcua has a college degree.

What I do know is that Amezcua’s infamous father, Al, has been running around trying to drum up support for her.  But I am told she is already having trouble raising money.

As I find more information about the SAUSD school board candidates I will continue this series of posts about them.  Readers – keep the tips coming!

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