Republican Lincoln Club tells Anaheim Democrats to vote for spoiler Galloway.

You see this yet? Did you get this in the mail, if you’re an Anaheim Democrat? (Hat-tip Mark Daniels & Nancy West.)

That reads, “Lorri Galloway, Democrat for Mayor,” just above a disclaimer acknowledging that the ad was paid for by the Lincoln Club of OC.

But I bet most Democrat voters who get this mailer don’t know what the Lincoln Club is, or why they’d be telling Democrats who to pick for Mayor. To begin with, they are a faction of wealthy Orange County Republicans who’ve been around 50 years, purporting to protect “The American Way” whatever that is. Here is their home page.

I hesitate to call them “conservative” or “rightwing” even – they may have been somewhat conservative in the past, but in recent years they have become a part of the KLEPTOCRATIC faction of their Party (possibly under the influence of Curt Pringle.)

Believe it or not, they enthusiastically endorsed the disgraced Harry Sidhu for Mayor – something the OC Republican Party didn’t even do – and now they are endorsing crooked Republican Trevor O’Neil to be Harry’s successor. Mira no mas, from their online voters’ guide:

That’s right – this group that has endorsed and funded Republican Trevor O’Neil to be Mayor of Anaheim wants DEMOCRATS to vote for Lorri Galloway! And why? Duh… Because, just like four years ago, every Democratic vote for Lorri is a vote that’ll help the Republican beat Ashleigh!

We’ve been saying this for years – Lorri is just a spoiler candidate, funded to split the Democrat vote. Several wealthy men told me over the last couple of years that they funded Lorri in 2018 just to help Sidhu beat Ashleigh (which they now regret.) As the OC Register wrote last month, while endorsing Ashleigh:

The third candidate, Lorri Galloway, has raised little money and mainly will divert votes from Aitken.

Even Dan Chmielewski, Lorri’s biggest fan in the blogosphere, seems to have been ordered to shut up about this race, judging by his recent silence. As for Lorri herself, it’s hard to say what really goes on in that deluded mind – maybe she thinks God has appointed her to help ensure four more years of Cabal control because it’s part of his inscrutable plan?

In short, if you’re a Democrat in Anaheim, vote Ashleigh for Mayor. If you are an independent who wants an honest Anaheim government, vote Ashleigh for Mayor. And if you are a Republican who wants an honest Anaheim government (and I know there are a lot of you!) VOTE ASHLEIGH FOR MAYOR.

Vern out.

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