The Biden Agenda ….the One Not Being Media-Reported!

*The Winships muse...

Watching the morning news programs, even PBS at times and of course all the Cable Channels paint a picture of complete hopelessness for the Biden Administration. High inflation, low polling numbers, ridiculous characterizations and of course the all encompassing Hunter Biden reporting!

So what are Joe and Jill Biden as well as Kamala and Doug Harris really up to? As perhaps the most well traveled President and Vice Presidents in US History, the true agenda is deep. The tragic events of the Trump Supreme Court have cast a dark spell on our country. The spectre of lost rights for women, minorities and the drive for over-reaching overturns of established law would have been enough to have frozen the Trump Administration in place. Not so with the Biden Administration. Facing the challenges of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Climate Change, the War in Ukraine and the bad conduct of Turkey, Russia and others Oligarchs around the world including Kim Jon in Korea, which are not being reported at all spell incredible challenges for our country. The loss of Abortion rights and Health for American women in 26 States of our country alone are tragic beyond belief.

The Biden Administration for starter has assembled to very tough team of proven professionals at each and every level of Government. We are still recovering from the endless list of Trainees that occupied the Trump Administration. We still haven’t got rid of the current Post Office Commandant, but we can hope! Purging “Stupids” from Government can be an endless job at times. Just watching the current events at the Department of Justice and the Secret Service has to give us all pause to wonder why this type of behavior is allowed? Why isn’t D.J. Trump not indicted for Obstruction of Justice and a variety of other grievous crimes against our country, along with all his buddies, like Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Josh Hawley and Marjorie Tayor-Green for starters?

As Goldwater-Reagan Republicans since the 1960’s we wonder why the New Republican Insurrection Party endorses White Aryan Nation beliefs – across the board? Why is Liz Cheney, who we have disagreed with in the past, the closest thing to a true Republican since the earliest days of George and Laura era? Why do find Malcolm Nance, the nearest thing to our lead dog in the fight to save our Republic? Watching the wings come off the fly in the January 6th Committee meetings is pretty amazing, considering those testifying were/are the close allies of the former Trump Administration. Why in the world the Water Cannons were not deployed against the rioters on January 6th at the Capitol should be a serious talking point of these hearings. Had just four of these Water Cannon trucks been deployed on that chilly January day in 2021…….the results may have been totally different. Defending our Capitol 365 days and nights a year….is the duty of the President of the United States and the combined forces of Government. “Protect and Defend”, or in the words of catch phrase of the United States Army: “This we’ll Defend!”

Biden is attacking on all fronts with an Agenda this is very impressive. He is strongly supporting the Ukrainians in their war with Russia. Something that even Obama did not do when Russia took Crimea. Biden is engaging the European Union, Expanding NATO, Creating a new Union in Asia to meet the challenges of the superior competitiveness of China and their ever expanding technological superiority. Biden does need to ramp back as many stupid Tariff Policies that Trump implemented as he can to reduce the never ending Inflation spikes that continue. Kamala continues to engage the many national challenges of Infrastructure expansion for broadband for Native Americans and those least able to connect with modern technology…..even in West Virginia we may say! Kamala is also forcing the prime issue of women’s rights, the Pro Choice Agenda and many other very important infrastructure repair to our nation.

Wondering whether the Biden Administration is responsible for high oil and gasoline prices, the cost of food and the rising costs of consumer goods is a effort in futility. Big Oil, Big Phrama and Big Agra are going to get their pound of flesh, no matter WHO in leading our country or any country. Communicating the dangers of Climate Change, the rip off of Big Oil, reducing their refinery capacities, refusing to clean up their old inefficient facilities, their deep fear of “Sustainables” and the impact to the world markets are difficult and complex issues which do not sell on the 6 o’clock news or almost any media channel. It becomes much less complex to simply name call and blame anyone that seems a good target.

The Biden Agenda is a good one for our current situation and they continue to offer a strong effort across the board. Will you find any of that effort reported on Main Stream Media? Not likely! Our suggestion: Go to TUBI, which is a FREE APP on Cable or on your Smart Phone. Pull up News. You can watch Euronews, Canadian News and local Channels around the US. New York, Detroit, Miami, Chicago, Seattle and More….all without commercials. Seek out new venues for information. Get a variety of views. We have found recently, that the sellouts on PBS are having a greater impact. Show we once watch religiously have found their pseudo Trump Apologists, along with most of the Prime Time Media, that include Judy Woodruff on PBS. We still like Amanpour & Company and Democracy Now on occasion. In any event, we all need to question whatever information we hear. Watching the pundit opinions on Sunday however is getting ever more tiring. As we read the Opinion Pages today in both the LA Times and OC Register, we wonder where they are getting their funding from? This is not news….it is pure propaganda and propaganda that is most fitting for the Oligarchs and Trumpsters!

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