Two Years Since the Fullerton Police Murder of Hector Hernandez – SPITZER MUST GO!

Yes, it’s been two years tonight since Hector Hernandez, complying with Fullerton police, his empty hands in the air in his front yard, was attacked and mauled by officer Jonathan Ferrell’s canine Rotar, and then while on his back trying to defend himself from the dog with his work knife, was executed by Officer Ferrell with two gunshots to the heart as Ferrell stood towering above him.

We wrote about this case more than once, last year. And we wondered how, with ALL the incontrovertible video and witness evidence, it was taking DA Todd Spitzer OVER A YEAR to compile his report on this obvious unnecessary murder.

Then the report came out. And against all evidence and common sense it exonerated Officer Ferrell, claiming in that old hoary cliche that “HE FEARED FOR HIS LIFE®.” Yeah, Ferrell “feared for his life” as Hector lay on his back struggling with a German shepherd on him, so he ran up and planted two bullets in the young man’s heart.

This was the turning point for me, with Spitzer. In so many ways he is no better than his demonized predecessor Tony Rackauckas, and in some ways worse.

  • He’s done NOTHING about our County’s endemic political corruption, leaving it up to the FBI.
  • He’s stonewalled all attempts to investigate and punish his predecessor’s Snitch Scandal (while still harping on it when convenient.)
  • And an ACLU report showed that, of 142 fatal police shootings from 2010-20 (under both Rackauckas and Spitzer) NOT A SINGLE ONE resulted in a charge against the shooting officer. Do you really believe those were ALL justifiable?

Forty or fifty of us showed up at Hector’s front lawn Wednesday night in his memory (photos below.) He has a lot of friends and family who won’t rest till there’s truth and justice on this case. DA candidate Pete Hardin was there, but didn’t speak – which is good, he shouldn’t have spoken about the Tatiana case. Both he and Mike Jacobs are likely to re-open a lot of these suspicious police killings that the Spitzkauckas Twins have turned a blind eye to. Now get out and vote!

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