Spitzer on why Black Men date White Women! (Is this why Baytieh was fired?)

Well, if this doesn’t just take the cake!

So, I was busy playing piano around the County today, which meant all the usual suspects beat me to writing about this. I’ll link to OC Watch, the Voice of OC, and Buzzfeed in a minute. But just think…

What kind of archaic racism, and what kind of wandering, unmoored mind, would make a County’s top lawman think it’s appropriate to inquire into if a black suspect’s previous girlfriends were WHITE, when deciding whether to pursue the death penalty?

What kind of dingbat straight out of the 50’s claims that black men go out with white women to “get themselves out of bad situations and circumstances,” and backs up that stereotype with the anecdote that he once knew a black guy in college who DEFINITELY did that?

What kind of pall fell over the faces of the assembled prosecutors, including the now-famous Brahim Baytieh – conservative men whom we generally consider oppressive themselves – when they heard Spitzer not only pitching this illegal approach but insisting on it?

And isn’t the fact that Baytieh continued to bring attention to this embarrassing racist episode from Spitzer a much better explanation of his firing than Todd’s excuse that Baytieh cheated on a case eleven years ago?

Now read these other thorough pieces on this crazy development:

OC Watch: Leaked Memos Quote DA Todd Spitzer on Why Black Men Date White Women.

Buzzfeed: Prosecutors Were Deciding Whether Or Not To Seek The Death Penalty. Their Boss Wanted To Know If The Black Suspect Had Dated White Women, Memos Say.

and Voice of OC: OC Prosecutors Challenge DA Spitzer for Bringing Race into Death Penalty Decision

So, how do you-all like THEM apples?

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