Allen Saul: True tales of Violence against OC Homeless.

Vern here. Our homeless friend Allen Saul wrote the following for the LA Times, but it looks like they’ll edit the hell out of it, so we’re printing it here. That’s him in the picture, he’s gotta wear that brace for six weeks for his broken neck. One thing that makes him feel a little better is that Bob Dylan, years ago, also had to wear a neck brace for six weeks when he fell off his motorcycle. Yes, Allen is also a musician And heeere’s Allen…

On 4-28-21 I was the victim of a Felony Assault and Battery in Orange, CA. I called the Police and Orange PD responded. The perpetrator had fled, but his employer convinced him to return. He lied to the Police when he returned, claiming that I had assaulted him and he was simply defending himself, but a nearby security camera picked up the attack proving that I was being 100% truthful and that he was lying.

Even with the video in his possession and the perpetrator lying to him, the Officer refused to arrest him, instead asking me to make a Citizen’s Arrest, which I did. Furthermore, he never mentioned in the Police Report that the perpetrator had fled, or that he had lied to Police, but reproduced his story verbatim and added my version as an aside. He never mentioned that he was much larger than myself (180lbs. vs. 120 lbs.) and half my age (32 years vs. 64 years) instead discrediting my request for deference as a senior citizen, being 3 weeks from my 65th birthday.

The case was eventually charged as a Felony, but six months later, it was still being stalled. The District Attorney requested my presence at a Pre-Trial hearing in Superior Court on 10-27-21 to help him argue against the Defense request to reduce the charges to a Misdemeanor and I agreed to be there.

However on 10-17-21, at 9:30 AM while in Huntington Beach to ride my bicycle, I stepped out of my truck and woke up in Orange County Global Medical Center with a broken neck.

HBPD interviewed me in the hospital, but because I didn’t see anyone hit me, assumed that I had blacked out and struck my head due to drug abuse… before obtaining the results of the tox screen performed by the paramedics which showed otherwise.

I believe that this assumption was guided by discrimination against me due to my honest answer about my living in my truck.

I explained the circumstances surrounding the first assault to HBPD but they did not feel that a crime had been committed in their jurisdiction, and told me that no investigation would occur. Two weeks later they returned my complaining phone call reversing that position, saying that they had investigated but had found no evidence.

One need not be Lt. Columbo to suspect a relationship between these two assaults, yet the delay in investigation has led this attempted homicide to go cold, and my ongoing disability will prevent me from appearing in Court at the next pre-trial hearing about the April assault on 11/10/21.

Citizens deserve better from the Law Enforcement agencies that they fund.

Allen Saul


Vern here. We will try to cover that Nov. 10 pre-trial. Meanwhile for your listening enjoyment, here is one of Allen’s musical efforts, from 2007: “Halliburton, Bu$h, Fascist Nazi”

And just in case you’re not all GoFundMe’d out this week, here’s Allen’s:

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