An Obituary, from the Web, for Marc Hanson

Judging from the memories shared by his crestfallen friends, this is how Marc Hanson would prefer to be remembered. Pic taken from his Twitter account, @marcbhanson.

[Ed. Note: I can’t tell whether or not this is an official obituary for Marc Hanson, who among other things was State Sen. Josh Newman’s Chief of Staff, but it seems comprehensive and detailed enough to serve as one. The original appears here. We include it here to give it a bit more audience and a lot more readily accessible permanence. Our condolences to all who have been affected by this loss.  We invite all friends of Marc Hanson and friends of the blog to share their thoughts in comments or, if they prefer, their own posts on this site.  /GAD]

Marc Hanson of Fullerton, California passed away August 24, 2021, he studied at UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs after studied Political science at Santa Clara University.  Hanson was the coach of the Manatee Cal Ripken & Babe Ruth Baseball at Heritage Harbour.

Senator Josh Newman’s Chief of Staff Marc Hanson, Marc was a charming, vibrant, and well-respected man. He pitched in on absolutely everything–from the most menial task to the heaviest of lifts. He was thoughtful. He was unparalleled in this enthusiasm for policy work.

His understanding of the California political landscape, his connections, and his knowledge of the legislative process was beyond compare. He will be deeply missed, Our thoughts and prayers are with the affected family.

‘I just heard the news that Marc Hanson passed away. I find the world a much lesser place today. We were always happy to see each other at the campaign offices where I would volunteer for Josh and Gil. I loved playing with his son Jasper. My heart breaks for his family because he loved them so much and now they have to go on without him. We all do.

We lost a warrior in Marc. He fought for the candidates and causes he believed in with his whole heart, all of his political skill, and he did it without hate.

It’s been said that grief is a path we all walk alone and in our own way. But I feel that Marc has brought us all together once again so that we can keep fighting for what he believed. I will be hitting the doors this weekend with my labor brothers and sisters. Another recall fight, Marc. This one is for you, brother…..”

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