An Editorial Note on Comment Deletion




“It looks like you’re trying to root out a smear campaign. Can I help?”

As one now-blocked, but sure to be back in another guise, anonymous commenter noted to us today, we recently removed a comment posted with a link to a page attacking this site and its owners and editors.  The comment either came from Chumley or someone who knows Chumley’s email address, which means that it could have been someone else. Either way, it’s from someone who was apparently briefed by Chumley in the Chumlevian way of doing things, which includes sending out poison-pen dossiers that, among other things, are based on his own rantings and those of his partners in harassment.

But that’s not why it was deleted.  You can take issue with us here under your own name — but not under someone else’s identity, even if it’s pseudonymous.

It was deleted because it linked to a document purportedly from our erstwhile commenter, author of Tito Watch, who within it appeared to claim to have taken a strong dislike to this site and its owner — after drinking deeply from Chumley’s poison well.

I don’t know who the Tito Watcher is, nor do I know how to contact them.  (I don’t think that Vern knows who or how either.)  My initial take was that Chumley somehow hunted TW down, fed them his brew of distortions (about Vern, me, and others), and that they then stormed off horrified — without even asking us for our side.  At a minimum, that’s how it was depicted.

If that’s really what happened, it’s way below the quality of work we saw from TW before they said that they had gotten tired of covering Tito; in that case, if it was them, good riddance.  Maybe they can join Chumley in doing nothing of value for HB.  But even if it’s true, if they ever decide to return to their former high standards of research and analysis — which does not actually require liking us personally — they and their good work are welcome back.

Then it occurred to me that there was a much simpler explanation — one that I don’t think believe to be beyond our PR professional and his gang.  That is, someone just had to pretend to be Tito Watch — and use their cred and position to attack and disparage us.  With Tito Watch gone and us having no way to contact them — both facts that have been stated here publicly — we couldn’t prove that they were not the author.

I fell for it, and even drafted a long, anguished, and detailed response — until my insight that there was no reason for credit it a TW’s work.

This sort of underhanded vicious whisper-campaign is typical of Chumley, Team Trump, and other low-life political figures — but not of us.  We put our criticisms and their bases right out front — and we accept the inevitable consequences.  But one consequence of this sneaky little attack can be found in a couple of comments we received today from someone in the Chumley circle.  (The style matches anonymous comments on his site in years past; the content is weapons-grade Chum.)  I wanted to share them in part (though parts are too injurious to others to share):

Deleting comments Vern?

Put’s you in great company you DRUNK.

But the pussy COWARD, Coniving selfish smelly PIG Greg is worse. I am going AFTER EVERY PROGRESSIVE.

We know Ahmed likes to beat the shit out of women, like: Vern, Victor, One Punch Doug, Ahmed.

(For the record, that’s no, no, no, and I haven’t read the police report.)

And it continues on with references to events that we don’t even know occurred.  The second all-caps comment doesn’t bear extracting.  The email address, which I’m not even trying to confirm actually exists, contains the “N-Word.”  Lovely.

So — and we hope that Tito Watch (who can post a draft using their account here if they want to reach us, takes notice) this is how the dirtier agents of OC’s branch of the anti-progressive warriors harass people and (in a puny way) try to terrorize them into shutting up.

I really wish, for selfish partisan and parochial reasons, that this crap were just a GOP/Trumpublican thing.  But it Orange County, it’s not.  And they eat it up as avidly as Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“Conivingly” yours,

OJB’s Managing Editor and Mucker of the Stables.

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